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19’40” New release – Contemporarities: Pura Attualità

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Partially drawn from one of the live events of the Contemporarities Festival at Milan’s Santeria Social Club, which served as an incubator for many releases by 19’40”, “Pura Attualità” is a journey through the evolving sounds of contemporary music, blending the past and future of Western classical tradition.

This album features works by seven Italian composers like Carlo Carcano, Francesco Filidei, Silvia Borzelli, Teho Teardo, and Maria Teresa Treccozzi, and it captures profound moments of artistic and expressive introspection.

Each piece within “Pura Attualità” is a unique world, embodying a distinctive artistic vision while exploring time and space through a diverse array of sonic materials and idioms.

Esecutori di Metallo su Carta

Carlotta Raponi, flute and piccolo
Enrico Gabrielli, B clarinet, bass clarinet, piano in Toccata
Yoko Morimyo, violin and viola
Matteo Vercelloni, Giovanni Volpe, cello
Damiano Afrifa, piano
Sebastiano De Gennaro, percussion
Marcello Corti, conductor
Ricciarda Belgiojoso, voice on 4 amazing stories

Illustration and Graphic Design by Folp/Wet Studio